Can anyone apply for Snack-A-ttack Franchising?

Yes, anyone can apply as long as they pass our franchise evaluation process.

What should I consider before Franchising an Snack-A-ttack?

The first thing that we recommend is to have a location. Once you have a location it will be easy for you to go for the next process. However, if you don’t have a location we have a list of available location for you to have. The second item you consider is the investment. Our Standard Package is 399k, foodcart and kiosk the usual you will see in the Snack-A-Ttack. However, it can range to 500,000 -550,000 depending on the lessor. Snack-A-Ttack CAFÉ is 999,000 offering the snack-a-ttack and frozen treats brands.

What are the Snack-A-Ttack package cover?

  • Licensed trade mark of Snack-A-Ttack
  • 2pcsComplete Line up LCD Digital Menu 32
  • Equiptments
  • Franchisee Training
  • Crew Training

What are the store types of Snack-A-ttack and how much does it cost to franchise?

We are proud to have multiple brands and store types (franchise package) options at various price ranges. Please take note that the store type you get is hugely dependent on the location that you pick. Standard Food Cart: Php. 399,000-550,000* Inline and Café: 999,000-1,500,000* *Estimate Investment Depending On Area & Size

How do I apply for franchise?

The application process to get a Snack-A-Ttack Franchise is simple, we recommend that you prepare all documents necessary to speed up the process.

The following will be asked from you once you have expressed interest:

  • 2 Valid IDs
  • Letter of Intent (please include your desired location and reason/s why you want to franchise)
  • Map of your desired location if you have (a sketch will do) and if don’t you can ask our site location assistant to look a location for you
  • Photos of your desired location Once we have evaluated you, our team will schedule a meeting with you. A location visit may be done within the same day, or may be scheduled at another time. How long does the approval process? The approval process can be done as soonest as possible, if you submit all the necessary documents upon the confirmation of your interest. The approval process begins only upon the approval of your preferred location and the submission of requirements.

Will I have to undergo training?

Yes, all the franchise together with their crew should undergo training to understand the standard of the operation od Snack-A-Ttack.

Who can I talk if I have a further question?

You can talk to our Franchise Specialist, who will be guiding you through the process. Or email us at info @rnlfoodconcepts.ph or call us at (02) 806 0383

Can I visit the head office of Snack-A-Ttack?

Yes you can visit us at 302 Palm Square Bldg. Alabng-Zapote Road Pamplona III Las Pinas City and will be happy to assist you.